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A’riyah finds herself at the end of a meaningless relationship and looking for the right way to leave. An act of revenge, in the form of a one night stand, gives her a nudge in the right direction, but has consequences A’riyah is not aware of at the time. She makes plans to move on with her life, leaving behind the relationship and the one-time event...

However, Hez, the man sharing in that one-time night of passion, has totally different plans. In A'riyah, he sees love and marriage, with plans to make her his blushing bride whether she likes it or not...

Follow A'riyah as she finds out the hard way how it really is when a night of passion and revenge leads to a nightmare named Hez!

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Alexis and Wesley 

“The strongest drug that exists for a human is another human being” ~Unknown

Love will make you do some crazy things. After saying enough was enough, Alexis Goodwin finally moved on with her life. Chasing after one man only lasts for so long. Thinking that she had finally found her future husband made her life better or did it? A run in with her past, Mr. Wesley Mayfield, brings back hidden feelings. Can she escape the temptation of giving him a second chance? With a decision in mind, the discovery of her future husband’s disloyalty throws Alexis into a real life love triangle. Who does she choose? The man her heart lusts for without attention in return or the man who helped her move on? Issues with loyalty, lust, love, and reckless behavior will have you Addicted to a Street King too

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Alexis and Wesley: Still Addicted to a Street King

You’re an addiction I always fail to resist – Unknown

Loyalty, lust, love, and reckless behavior will make you risk it all, including your life. With one man willing to fake his death to be with the one he loves, another determined to kill her, and the one who is determined to find his wife the question still remains, Where is Alexis? Has she vanished by choice or by force? With the clock ticking everyone is on a quest to find her. Three men, one woman but all roads don’t lead to the same destination. Will she risk it all for love, settle out of fear or pay the ultimate price?

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Quiet Storm 

" A smile will get you pretty far... But a smile and a gun will get you farther" -Al Capone.... 

What do you get when you fuse together a smooth, debonair man with an explosive volcano attitude? Mr. Quincy O'Reilly! A man living a secret life that he has perfected in keeping a secret. With his hidden profession, that is how he would prefer it to be. Who doesn't like the element of surprise? A true ladies man by day and mysterious man by night, will he be able to maintain the two without being caught? Innocent and sweet doesn't mean powerless. Just ask Kailey Jacks who has now had the chance encounter of meeting Quincy. Driven to stake claim in the one man she wants she tackles the obstacles thrown her way. Determined that nothing will stand in her way could become deadly. What happens when Quincy's secrets are revealed? Who will be set free? Who will be pulled deeper into a mysterious world? Or will the lies and secrets destroy anyone in its path after the smoke from the gun has cleared?

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